Commercial / Folding Carton Coatings



Vallocoat 1218 Gloss Premium Gloss coating – all work and turn applications.
Vallocoat 1317 FD GP Gloss Economical general purpose gloss.
Vallocoat 1243 LC Gloss Low curling gloss costing for use on light weight substrates.


Vallocoat 1363 Prime Universal primer for all post print effects (UV, foil stamp, lamentation, etc.)
Vallocoat 1297 Ultra Gloss Highest gloss coating.
Vallocoat 1328 Soft Touch HV Dull coating with “leathery feel”.


Satin / Matte

UV Gloss

Vallocoat 1224 Satin EX Satin for customers needing a duller finish than our standard satin.
Vallocoat 1316 FD Satin GP Standard general purpose satin coating.
Vallocoat 1242 LC Satin Low curling satin for use with light weight substrates.
Vallocoat 1202 Matte Coating designed to provide very dull (duller than satin) finish.


SunCure WO 1703 Standard Gloss coating.
RC88-1170 Premium High Gloss.
RC89-1234 Economical Gloss.
RCMFV0482232 Glueable / Imprintable gloss coating.
RCMFV0341835 Gluable / Imprintable BZP free gloss coating.


UV Satin

UV Matte

SunCure 1694 Satin Standard satin coating.


SunCure 1531R Matte Standard matte (dull) coating.