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SunLit Publish>
SunLit Publish is an innovative sheetfed offset printing ink for paper and board. SunLit Publish is applicable for publication and commercial work on straight and perfecting presses. A special focus is on high quality print work such as full color book printing, art catalogues, etc.

SunSheet Premier>
SunSheet Premier is a conventional ink system formulated for use on all commercial sheetfed offset presses. These inks are designed to meet not only the increasing demands in commercial printing for productivity, but also the demands for excellent printability, fast setting and low misting.

SunSheet Classic>
SunSheet Classic is made from novel mineral oil chemistry and provides unmatched lithographic performance. These offset inks perform well on straight and long perfecting presses, but are especially suited to very fast work and turn needs.

SunSheet Platinum>
SunSheet Platinum is a conventional sheetfed ink system formulated for use on commercial sheetfed offset presses. These inks offer a wide color gamut, and are suitable for instances when reduced ink film-weights or increased print density is required. When you are looking for conventional sheetfed inks for your high speed and high-end printing, SunSheet Platinum is the gold standard for performance.


SunCure Lazer>
SunCure Lazer UV printing inks were formulated to run on high speed web offset and sheetfed presses. These inks are ideally suited for business forms, direct mail, and commercial printing and are for use on paper substrates.

Joules Polymatrix>
The standard Polymatrix line of inks is our workhorse product for paper substrates.  Good reactivity, printability, strength, and flow make the Polymatrix line an excellent choice for forms, cartons, and commercial printing jobs.

Joules Super Cure>
The Super Cure line is our workhorse product for plastic substrates.  Good reactivity and adhesion make Super Cure an excellent choice for most plastics, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and PET.   Super Cure is also an excellent choice for printing folding carton substrates when speed and curing efficiency are paramount. We always recommend testing plastic substrate prior to going live.

Joules Polyphotonic>
These next-generation LED inks are suitable for a wide variety of substrates, including coated and uncoated papers, BOPP, PE, PLA, and other synthetic films.  They exhibit good press stability throughout the job, which improves throughput and reduces waste.  Print quality is excellent, demonstrating good image clarity and dot sharpness. We always recommend testing plastic substrate prior to going live.

Sun Chemical Dispenser Program MX12 for Commercial Sheetfed Printers

If you need to mix a little or a lot of spot – click on this video to learn about the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program for Commercial Sheetfed Printers!